We believe in the opportunities which will arise in India when the next 500 mn internet users come on board. We believe in India’s GDP growth story and the huge potential market which lies in the middle class segment of India. We feel India’s problems are unique and will need unique solutions which will only be built by brave and courageous entrepreneurs. We believe in adoption of technology across all sectors will be lead by startups thereby disrupting many industries and creating value for customers and all stakeholders. Government support and India Stack have acted as a catalyst for the startup ecosystem in India and we believe we are at a cusp of amazing things to happen over the next 2 decades in India. We believe in the power of brands and in India’s consumption story. We believe in startups serving the needs of Generation Z. But above all, we believe in founders and their grit!


True North is your orienting point – your fixed point in a spinning world - that helps you stay on track. The line you are unwilling to cross - the direction you seek. Everything we do is guided by our True North

Invest in people - we are only as good as the people we back

Passion – in everything we do

Commitment – to highest professionalism and ethical standards

Humility – gives us the ability to listen, learn and help

Brands tell stories – technology can be an enabler

Openness – not to be judgmental or have notions about products, markets, customers, founders


We will be successful if we get the below mentioned things right

To be at the right place and at the right time

Constantly grow our network of relationships

Be bold. Be decisive. Back quality entrepreneurs

Believe in our gut as much as we believe in our analysis. Gut comes from experience

We strongly believe in references

Stay deep rooted. Understand Gemba

Have empathy. Guide only when required. Add value