Scout Program

Gemba Capital is a $10M micro VC fund investing in early-stage tech startups in India. We are looking to invest in 24-30 early-stage startups from every Fund. We have invested in 32+ companies and backed over 75+ founders across sectors such as SaaS, Fintech, Consumer tech, and B2B E-commerce. Notable companies include Plum, Verak, GripInvest, Strata, Zuper, Inai, etc.

Our approach to investing

  • We are high conviction thesis-led investors investing in pre-seed and seed rounds
  • We are not afraid to make counter-narrative and contrarian investments.
  • We are a collaborative ‘add-on’ fund and don’t necessarily lead deals
  • We believe in mission-driven high-quality founders
  • Founder Market Fit is our most important evaluation filter
  • We move fast since we invest only in spaces that we understand.
  • Our average cheque size is USD 250K as the first check-in each startup


You have a knack for identifying promising startups early on. You are community builders, hustlers, strong networkers in the startup community and exhibit a strong passion for helping startups and founders. We want to ally with people who are the first call for founders, whose expertise makes them valued resources to founders who are just starting up.

Typical Scout profile:

  • Highly networked founders
  • Active angel investors
  • Mid-level employees in high growth VC funded tech startups


Gemba Capital Scout Program brings together excellent entrepreneurs, potential investors, and operators who want to improve their network and track record as early-stage investors. Increased opportunity to speak, and network with founders, startups, investors, and industry leaders. Ability to represent Gemba Capital at startup events and meetups as a “GC Scout”. Quarterly close-knit catch-up of scouts with the Gemba team and amongst themselves.


Sourcing investment opportunities in early-stage tech startups is the scout’s primary objective. If the Scout comes across an investment opportunity, the Scout agreement requires the Scout to present the opportunity first to Gemba Capital. This obligation is referred to as our “Right of the first opportunity”.

You do not need to invest your own capital. What you get is a possibility of earning non-linear exponential returns if Gemba Capital decides to invest in the deal referred to by you. The incentive is linked to a share in the profits on exit or in certain cases, the Scout will be allotted “Scout Equity” in the investment opportunity. Details on the incentive mechanism will be provided to selected Scouts in person.


When a person applies to be a Scout, the Gemba Capital team will evaluate the “right fit”. Then they enter into a Scout Agreement with us that outlines their scope and responsibilities as a scout, incentive mechanism, etc

Join us in our mission to support early-stage founders with an unwavering ambition to build large world-class companies!

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